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The penalty-kick is football in its purest form: ball, goal, shooter and goalkeeper. Nothing else. And if you are a professional footballer, you should score a free shot from 12 yards every time. But not everyone does. Which is where Twelve Yards comes in.

Twelve Yards will be a regular newsletter looking at funny, brave and dramatic penalties from around the world. I am the author of the book Twelve Yards: The Art and Psychology of the Perfect Penalty. I will analyse the important penalties in all the big matches and will include exclusive interviews with psychologists, coaches and penalty heroes and villains to get their takes on the biggest penalty stories of the day.

I have set up this community to share stories of penalty heartache and penalty glory; to celebrate and commiserate; to share ideas and innovations; to learn and improve.

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Ben Lyttleton
Author of Twelve Yards: The Art and Psychology of the Perfect Penalty.